Samedi 11 juin 2011

Nike Aina Chukka NW + Talache AC ND @ 21 Mercer

The Aina arrives with ‘NW’ appended to its name to signify the unprecedentedly non-woven facet panels it uses, sharing the dark upper/white sole/blue sockliner motif (Space Jam, anyone?) using the vulc soled Talache AC. Click by method of to see appreciably more and try to find these commencing Saturday, June 11th at 21 Mercer. Nike Sportswear has countless great styles to draw upon from their Beaverton vaults that some using the less frequently seen designs only appear near to every handful of months. Luckily, NSW’s 21 Mercer flagship store in ny has just announced the upcoming release of two lesser seen favorites using the Nike Aina Chukka and Talache Low.
Par kelin1604 - 0 commentaire(s)le 11 juin 2011

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